Obsessed with Street Art!

I am absolutely obsessed with Street Art. As I have wandered on many of my travels, I often am out looking for street art. Specifically, I’m looking for art that is an interaction with the urban world around me. It doesn’t have to be commissioned work, but typically is extremely public and accessible. No need to go to a museum or study and art book to experience this incredible art form. Wikipedia gives a great definition for those who need that kind of thing! 

I also follow many street art bloggers, Facebook pages, photographers, and the artists themselves. There is a huge community surrounding and participating in street art, which I admire and learn more about this incredible art scene.  Streetart Utopia and Brooklyn Street Art are two of my favorite blogs.

Like I said, many of my wanderings are driven by want to find and discover street art. I love to photograph the beautiful murals, graffiti tags, stickers, and wheat-paste posters I can find along my journeys. See my entire street art collection or here are a few of my favorites!

Chris Lux in the Mission, San Francisco

Chris Lux in San Francisco

Kenny Scharf on Houston Street in Manhattan


Banksy in Chinatown, San Francisco


Herakut in Freiburg, Germany


Unknown artist in Barcelona, Spain


Unknown Artist in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Eclair Bundersnatch on Divisidero in San Francisco


Dissatisfied in Oakland