Packing for a road trip seems so easy in the mind. It’s not until your bed is covered with all the stuff your bringing that you realize you might be slightly out of your mind 🙂

I look through everything I want to bring, and I know I have too many clothes, my books take up too much room, and do I really need to take two hoodies. Yes, dammit I do, they are my armor!

Even though I expect to learn about myself on this journey, I am bringing all this stuff because it makes me feel home, more safe, less far away. I go through it, and I ask myself what should I leave but I cling tightly to all that is on my bed.

I guess the final decision will be when I load up the car and have to decide what doesn’t fit. I can’t kick my dad and all his stuff out of the car, so I can’t take up the room. But for now this is what I will bring!