A different path


I read an article that says our success is dependent only on what we can do for others.
I’m only good at my job if I can produce the work they need. I’m only good at my friendships if I can give them the support they need. I’m only good at love if I can fulfill my lover’s needs.

It doesn’t matter if I’m a loving, moral, kind person.
It doesn’t matter if I treat you with respect or love you.
All that matters is what I can give you.

This makes me so sad.
Our intrinsic value is twisted completely into our product, our production.
Capitalism takes over our souls so all that is left is commodity.
This is not a path I want to follow.

A successful relationship is dependent on what I can give and not how I love.
I don’t see how my soul can be sustained.
I’ve walked this path before – great at producing for my job and all the material things in my life
I produced and produced until I was at death’s door.

I’m going to go a different way.
If focusing on being kind and loving in my relationships with others and myself
Keeps me from fitting into this capitalist society
So be it. I’ll be strange. I don’t want to fit in.

I don’t believe in any religion, but I believe in love.
I believe that God is love.
In moments where I focus on kindness and love in relationships without requiring a product produced,
those are the moments I find God.

I hope you won’t be afraid to enter into relationship with me
Explore love and let go of everything that we produce
To find ourselves on a different path.