Original Crellim Inspirational Doodles now featured on gift certificates at the Bickering Sisters

Moving back to Ogden has provided the opportunity for me to explore my creative side, like I was hoping. It’s amazing how following a new dream opens up new possibilities and I’m in awe of the paths that are being laid out before me.

For the first time in my life, I feel like I belong, and I’m part of a community. That’s why I fell in love with Ogden. The people here are open and not pretentious. They aren’t afraid of liking things that are cute and corny. If it resonates, then they appreciate the work. My doodles are very childlike. It’s partly because I’m still working on my skills, but it is also because I’m trying to keep the simple, kind, loving, and playful aspects of a child in my art. Luckily, there are others here who appreciate those same values.

In July, I started a project to doodle and share inspirational notes. Each day, I would draw an inspirational note based on whatever inspired me that day. I then needed to give the note away to inspire someone else. It was also about creating something I could just let go out into the world. I was dedicated to the task of creating the notes each day, but I wasn’t always good about giving them away. Even though there are many who would doubt my shyness, I am not good at talking to people I don’t know. So I’m not very good at approaching people and giving them one of my doodles. Most of the time, I stuck them in with tips so I didn’t have to talk to the person I was giving the card.

This is very true of the inspirational note I left with my tip at the Bickering Sisters. My mom and I went to the Ogden Farmers Market on a very warm Saturday. As we were returning to the car, my mom rested in the shade for a moment on a bench outside of the Bickering Sisters. We didn’t know about this new restaurant on Grant near the corner of 25th street, but they noticed us resting in the shade. They brought out water for my Luna Lovegood rescue pup, which sold me on trying the restaurant. Mom and I were both hungry, so we went in. Let me tell you, I was in love with this restaurant at first bite!


I had the pesto pasta with an over-easy egg on top. The pesto flavoring was perfect and not greasy, and the egg made it super rich and creamy. Pesto is my favorite pasta dish, and this pesto is the best I’ve had in Utah. The food is so fantastic at the Bickering Sisters, I’ve become a regular. However, on this first visit, I was so impressed with the food and the service, I left one of my inspirational notes with the tip.

Like the rest of the inspirational doodles I’ve given out, I had expected nothing in return but hoped it would bring a smile. However, this note did not lead to a dead end. A few weeks later, Mom and I returned to the Bickering Sisters to enjoy another lunch. Karen Larrabee served us again and said that her sister, Susan, who was in the kitchen creating the incredible dishes they served, loved my inspirational note and wanted to talk to me. I guess that teaches me I’m not invisible when I stick these notes in with tips J

Susan came out and said she loved the note so much that she would love for me to doodle a few gift cards for the Bickering Sisters. People would not receive a standard gift certificate, but a doodle that made their day a little brighter and they could keep long after enjoying their tasty meal at the restaurant.

After working on several doodles I used for my createdaily project, Susan picked out 5 doodles she liked best to use for the gift certificates. They all focused on connection – to self, to food, to nature, and to others which I found represented the experience of eating at the Bickering Sisters.







For a fantastic meal, you won’t be disappointed at the Bickering Sisters. And if you need a special gift to provide a little inspiration for someone dear, buy a gift certificate with one of these original Crellim doodles.