Change has come

This journey I travel has prepared me for this exact moment.
I know to my core that change is constant, so I’m not afraid.
It’s just a reminder that I’m not always in control and must adapt.
Time for a new challenge and an opportunity for growth.

I am so blessed!
I have travelled and seen the world.
I have worked with and friended some of the most amazing people.
I am so proud of everything I’ve accomplished

I knew it was time for change.
I was taking steps. I moved to Oakland.
But the universe smacked me on the head for not changing fast enough!
So the universe made the change for me instead.

Change has come! I’m excited for what is to come.
I’m grateful for all the blessings that helped prepare me for today.
I’m ready for the next adventure! I’m ready for this moment.
I know how to move forward!