Farmer’s Market Love

Are there places you go that bring a smile to your face?
A sense of happy settles over your soul. A place that regardless who is there,
Feels like home?

bright yellow lemons
crisp green asparagus
sweet but not too sweet fudge
fresh cooked Thai food
spicy roasted almonds


People crowd and jam the street. Jockey for the best position in each booth.
Don’t skip a sample! Follow your nose to lunch.
Kettle corn – odorific aroma porn

fresh cut flowers
sticky sweet honey
ripe apricots
deep red cherries
purple, orange, and yellow carrots


Wandering the closed streets of the Farmer’s Market, I feel alive
I breathe deep to savor the smells.
I push and jostle in line for a taste of that famous fudge.

photos on metal, photos on canvas, photos on print
handmade soap
hand-died fabric
pen and ink drawings
reclaimed wood furniture


From fresh-picked to handmade
Creations grown from the soul, the market celebrates the artist’s wares
Delighted as I pick out a one-of-kind wire-wrapped necklace

lotions and potions
earthernware pottery
hand-sewn dolls


I can feel the happy settle over me as I explore the market
My smile explodes at each new find!
The market grounds my soul. I feel home!