Bringing this Blog Back to Life!


I’ve been away from blogging for a long time, but it’s time for me to be back. I have all these thoughts building pressure in my head. I’ve got to let them out. The blog originally started to follow my road trip across the US and my move back home to Ogden over 3 years. A retooling of the blog was needed to expand the theme and refocus what I plan to write on.

That road trip instilled the love of adventure in me. I believe that adventure is for everyone regardless of age, skill, physical fitness. There is an activity that will bring a thrill and sense of accomplishment that work for each of is. So this blog is my return writing  and sharing my enjoyment of every day adventure. I will share my thoughts, poetry, and photography about life, nature, exploring, adventure, art, and any other ideas that tickle my fancy.

I know these interwebs are a vast vacuum, where we can go to look for community but end up alone. By sharing, I hope to build new connections with other adventurers and encourage everyone to find adventures and challenges that work for them through this blog.

Last year, I started an Instagram account and Facebook page for Adventure.Women. I’ve used the Instagram to start sharing my thoughts on adventure, travel, and nature. I also share other women that I admire and celebrate the journeys they are on. Unfortunately, the Facebook page has taken a backseat to life. I hope to revive it this year, but my current aim is to blog and continue the Instagram account.

I’ve wanted to bring this blog back for a while, but I’ve been hanging out with my old friend, procrastination. It’s time for me to do it, to start writing and sharing. I hope you all will join me on this blogging journey. I’d love to hear your thoughts about life and everyday adventure as well.

Cadillac Ranch