The Photos Taken on My Camera – Cross-Country Adventure

Yes, I know this has taken me a while, but here are the photos that I took with my camera. First, I went through the 3,500 plus photos and limited it down to about 650 I liked. Then I reviewed again and picked out my favorites and whittled it down to the 280 photos I published.

For the next week and half, I edited the photos using Lightroom for the very first time. So my learning curve definitely slowed me down. However, I had learned some great tricks by the time I started to reach the end of the photos.

Since I was so picky, I only went for photos I really liked and not ones that covered the entire cross-country adventure. I had done a great job already covering the whole journey with my iPhone photos anyway.

The next steps are for me to pick my absolute favorite images from the journey both iPhone and Camera to feature on my photo site, print, make Christmas presents with, and hopefully have the opportunity to show these images. So I’m still not done, and really behind for my Christmas planning 🙂

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos I took with my camera as well. If you like, leave a comment on the photo 😉