Let Your Soul Sing or How to Pick a Path

Standards and norms may pretend they are right

But there is no such thing as a right or wrong path to travel
Yes, there are many ways to choose, even ones that are never acknowledged
Yet claiming a path as right and another as wrong does more harm than good
My options are open not framed in these constrained options
Rather I will walk down the path that makes me feel alive
There are always paths, and I mean multiple, that send each spirit soaring
My aim is to travel down those paths that make my soul sing
Yes, there are paths that hurt the soul and destroy the spirit 
They probably destroy the world around you too
But I have walked down those paths and there is no shame in admitting it
Framing it as wrong, just allows the world to label you as bad and in need of repentance
But those paths I’ve walked where I hurt myself and others, the damage was done just by going down that path. No need to label it and hold onto it further
Just time to accept that path didn’t make my soul fly and choose to go down another road
It might seem easier to go down some prescribed path that you don’t have think about, and to not even give nod to the other ways out there.
As long as you can carry the burden of the norms and pretend to meet the standards, maybe it will carry you for a moment
But the real freedom comes when you realize that there is no need to carry burden of that path and attempt to meet it’s norms
All paths are just paths, and some work better for others and there are always so many to choose to from
Follow your heart and listen to how your soul sings. Many journeys on roads, trails, creeks, and paths will all follow, none right or wrong, all just part of life.