Sometimes there are dreams that exist outside of your career or goals
They hide in the background appearing only during sleep.

These are the dreams that you were to afraid to believe capable of when younger.
These are the dreams that only those labeled the dreamers dare to do.

You know the ones, they shrug off all the expectations of their family and friends and go do their own thing.
You say the same thing about them only because you are jealous and afraid to follow your own dreams.

But then your life shifts in ways unexpected. A crack opens and makes a path for that dream to escape from sleep.
No longer the scared child looking to please everyone around you.
What do you do?

Jump hard! Jump fast. I am now the dream.
There will be no regrets on my death bed.
I take this chance. I go forward but still afraid.
Yet, so excited about what living my secret dream will make me become!